Random – Pachinko & Okinawa

Today was a very spontanious day led only by the words “I wanna go by some omiyage” and we ended up with

  1. Kiddy Land – Harajuku
    where your geeky heart beats to theme songs of animes
  2. Show Time Candy – Omotesando
    in case you ever wondered how the hell they make those candy. Yes, they DO
  3. Okinawa Restaurant “Urizun” – Shinjuku
    feels like a short trip to the real island, delicious (Goa, my 1. time)
  4. Big Camera – Shinjuku
    secret B1 floor – Pachinko Time, get your 100 ¥ coins ready

Kiddy Land is a tourist magnet for living your mascot kawaii fetish. A little overpriced but actually you will find everything at one place and it’s quite convenient not to be dragged from one end of Tokyo to the next. [ I even could pre-order one item a friend of mine wanted so much →  “ Premium Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Moon Powderadvanced Katakana-Level: Complete ]

Show Time Candy – is one of those hard-candy with cute drawings shops and as the name might have told you in advance: you actually can SEE live how they make it. It’s  “putting a huge bunch of colourful sugarstreams to a even more huge roll together (it doesn’t look like a face at all) and then they keep pulling and rolling until that huge roll is one of those tiny rolls where they are able to cut off even more tiny pieces — and miracle wonderbra …sorry…candy ⇒ there suddenly is a face.

WOW – Japan 1 : rest of the world 0 [ i admit they are the most creative folks I’ve ever seen]

Okinawa Restaurant “Urizun” – a branch of the real Urizun in Okinawa. Serves authentic cousine, simple and not that expensive. Located inside the Shibuya Shopping Mall called Hikarie. And if you thought you know japanese food — you don’t know until you tried one of their dishes → unbelievable delicous !!!

Big Camera (& Gamecenter) – as we didn’t make it as far as to Akihabara, we ended up at the B1 floor of “Biggy” as I call -her- ⇒ my best friend when times tend to get boring.
It is loud, it is real, it is TOKYO. Schoolgirls having fun on a sunday, people who look like they live there, geeks, pros, housewifes and tourists like me ~ a multi-social hall that activates our innate urge to play (and made me feel like being part of one of those asian gangster movies where the police is rushing in any second)
[The only thing that changed within the 12 years gap are the games and the option to pay with your suica  ↔ it’s funny how some pros/geeks simply leave the card on the charger to not have to pause 1 second of the game ( I do really wonder how much money some of them spend there ) — I guess vidoes talk more than words on that one

(Square Enix ❤ )

Finally some end of the day impressions. Harajuku-style leopard tights, my beloved Disney store and a restaurant that simply got the point.

 [ Urizun Okinawa Restaurant  •  Candy Show Time  •  Kiddy Land ]


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