Health – Korea Town

I always forget to update on my experience on Korean Food in Tokyo. Which I wanna do now – and have to say it IS quite impressive. Though they tend to serve dishes less spicy or give you a “1 is sweet and 9 is spicy – korean scale starts with 5” option – it tastes great and is more expensive than I thought it would be.

Korea Town
is located at Shin-Okubo Station. I guess I did post a blog(it’s late folks..) blog a post about that one someday in the past. Here is the updated version, where I actually had the chance [thank you my korean friend] to eat Tofu-Jigae. At a place nearby Takadanobaba. You simply choose which extras you want to add, plus the spicy AND garlic level (⇐ lovers should chose same one I imagine) and start to eat.

〉 BUT  –  it is H.O.T. !  And for those who keep reading my blog I will share our little secret with → put some of the jigae onto the lid of the ricebox. It is metal and cools down your stuff which you lateron combine with some soup and it gets a perfect temparature to actually enjoy your food without burning your mouth over and over again 🙂

[ Sundofu Magokoro – Takadanobaba]


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