Random – Kagurazaka Sairyo

As Maccha is my secret lover, I wanted to dedicate a post only to this lovely green powder. A friend of mine, which [drama mode: on] I met in Paris for the first time, while I was visiting another friend whom I got to know in Munich 8 years ago, working in a Japanese restaurant [drama mode: off] came back to Tokyo for a while.


Randomness – it’s amazing what a simple year can change

∴ Imagine  the japanese friend which has been living in germany some years, moving to Paris. Her german friend (me!) who visit her after coming back from Argentina and her new friend (japanese) who married a paris guy and is actually from Tokyo ⇒ those 3 girls sitting together having fun, talking about guys in France.

1 year later → coincidental Japan reunion

The japanese friend got married and moved back to Japan with her new husband
The german friend (me) moved to Tokyo meeting up with the new friend who is back on a short visit and pregnant !! ⇒ 
maybe 1 more year and we will have another 2 children plus my marriage? who knows ❤

Anyway. Thanks to that one new friend of ours I was able to drink and eat delicious mattcha cheesecake / mattcha latte at a chain which is called Sairyo. It’s interiour really makes you feel like being back to samurai times, the empress, enjoying a cup of tea while having a nice chit-chat with friends. (we had to wait about 30min to enter – as I once mentioned in another post  to “wait” = a sign of quality of the shop = a positive thing in japan)

Kagurazaka was unknown to me – but it is actually a super great place to take a stroll at the pedestrian street and watch tiny shops with traditional (tourist) stuff, cute bakeries, street market things — it made me feel like in a different world, that flair was catchy and I will definitely go there again. (romantic level 4/5 I would say — it’s for the couples that are already together and take a stroll thinking about what to bring home while inviting friends over to their new “we just moved in together” place)

KakaoTalk_20150922_101104275⇒ if you need some present for your japanese friends. You will find something at Sairyo (or Kagurazaka) for sure !!

Update 2017:  Coming back here with another friend I met in Munich the same way (working in that japanese restaurant) – but this time KOREANSidenote: it was freaking cold!!

[ Sairyo – Kagurazaka ]


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