Random – Hamarikyu Garden

Another great day I have spend with my korean friend [he really DOES know all the secret non-touristic corners] This time we went to Shimbashi Area.

KakaoTalk_20150921_013949955 It is very close to Odaiba (thus, the sea) and the station is one of those ‘walk outside on the 2nd floor between skyscraper’ buildings →  I love height as much as the sea as it makes you feel free somehow.

Talking about feeling free. Yes, the typical image of Tokyo is sticky, tiny, loud with full of people. It is true for certain areas but Tokyo has one secret:

Instead of searching for a place with less houses or “free space” on googlemaps – search for green areas  parks, rivers – anything that is actually alive has the power to make its surroundings alive. And as japanese people kind of respect and live with nature – when you go to such a place you can spread your arms, breath in the fresh air and are finally no tourist anymore.


The Hamarikyu Garden does cost some ¥ to enter, but its actually worth it. You will get:

  • Green forest, flower fields for a stroll
  • Mini lakes and bridges
  • A 300 year old pine tree !!
  • Insight on how huge Bonsai get some haircut (see pictures)
  • Wide green areas to play with your children
  • Old temple style shadowed ‘houses’ to rest with your lover
  • A bayside walk with view to the rainbowbridge
  • Benches to sit down and enjoy the seabreeze while reading a book
  • Info on the old japan, how they hunted ducks or controlled the waterlevel
  • and many more ❤


This picture was taken from the Dentsu Building which is one of those skyscrapers. It is quite hard to find as you have to enter the “makes me feel I’m an intruder to someone elses home”-buildings (watch the video below) full of restaurants and bars. Then ride an elevator to one of the more expensive restaurants, and instead of spending your last cent for a coffee there, you simply go to the window and get the best view for FREE ! 

As you might already know walks make hungry so we ended up with ‘japanese fast food’ – cheap, delicious and healthy. It is Tempura on Rice  – Tendon – (miso soup and water/tea usually comes for free as a set)


(Tendon Tenya Shimbashi )

Part 2 (it was a long day, Desert and a surprise wedding are waiting for you)


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