Random – Ginza & Wedding

this post is Part 2 of my Hamarikyu Garden Post. As it was a full-day adventure (it’s amazing what you can do within only some hours of time)

After Hamarikyu Skyscraper adventure we continued walking, passing bye the worldwide well-known Tsukiji (Fishmarket) and walking up to Ginza where we thought we should grab some coffee → Ginza has that French-Exclusive Flair with expensive cafes, hotels, stores – everything seems a bit out of your reach.

One curious fact is, you pass by the windows, see all the delicious food displays and a stairway to heavenhell  err sorry,  to the cafe itself (some of them are B1 or even B2 level) nobody is waiting, and as a non-japanese you actually hestitate if you really should walk downstairs, not knowing if its a trap set up by the devil. But downstairs it’s loud, people actually sit on chairs waiting to ge the next table – save.

And remember my other post? Japan = What you see is what you get.  100% Same arrangement, same size, same colours, same everything!!! Enjoy ⇒KakaoTalk_20150921_013521823KakaoTalk_20150921_013518567(Noa Cafe, Ginza)

And Tokyo would not be Tokyo if you couldn’t see something curious around every courner you walk. Leaving the Cafe we actually encountered one of those drama-like weddings you might have seen on TV.  I could take one fast shot – she was simply beautiful !! ❤ ❤ ❤


As night came we went to those Street-Bars. You might have seen on Korean TV where you have the carry cases for beer as table and chair. Ordering tiny side dishes while drinking, talking, laughing — releaving stress.
That’s what we did. Having some chicken, drinking Hoppi (see this post), Chuhi and some normal beer ⇒ Ginza changes it’s face. It awakens at night – it’s a shiny diamond within the darkness. Something you should experience for yourself someday.




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