Random – Arakawa (River)

Finally I had one of those days where there is NOTHING on your to-do-list [heaven ❤  *sing*] I decided to combine my urge to do some workout with the fact that I have never seen the Arakawa River (though I’m living like…right beside it)KakaoTalk_20150919_213444399
It was amazing – and believe me you CAN escape Tokyo – the rivers in the city give you a feeling like → lying on a triple sized bed rolling around and feeling free
I had to cross a tiny bridge that actually separates my hood Sumida from Edogawa.


PLUS  2 things really surprised me:

  1. Though the river is not as huge as I expected – there is SILENCE – a really curious fact if you actually see the pictures I took as there is a crowded highway on one side and a busy street on my side.
  2. On my way towards the river I went through Edogawa and it made me realize – hoods have actually souls. The same houses and people you might think, but walking around I felt not quite ‘home’ as I do back in Sumida, and everything looked less alive. Hard to describe that feeling but I was happy that destiny made me live in Sumida not Edogawa.
  3. Another [I already knew it but see it live is quite funny] fact: Japanese people do know how to dress up and prepair for any kind of sport. Visually I felt totally underdressed though I was wearing Adidas Shoes, Pants, Tshirt and a cap


It was a bright sunny day which we haven’t seen for quite a while. And I don’t think the air is less fresh than in germany (japanese people tend to insist on it though).  My love for water seems to place rivers and seas around me, which I am so thankful for.

⇒ Again I took some videos and pictures to show you what I’m talking about, nontheless my utmost believe is you have to come here and experience LIVE how it feels to be in Japan.


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