Random – Korean BBQ

So I had this wonderful chance to go to Odaiba [sidenote: I will go there again to make a separate post!! as it was amazing (rainbowbridge & co.!! halleluya) ] with no other reason but hang out with Korean friends (which I met for the first time) and do BBQ together.

It was one of those amazing  drama-like appartment buildings. Where you actually only have 2 thoughts:

  • HOW do they find back home – seriously!! (not even dreaming about the fact they might be drunk) every block and every corner looks the same, it’s kinda scary
  • HOW do they keep things from falling off – I guess I would have died at least 5 times already (even those fishing-nets you see are hanging – like at least 20cm off the wall)

KakaoTalk_20150913_202957215[another eye-opening fact is you realize dramas itself are not ‘dramas’ — those houses exist, those people exist, weather, circumstances, situations EVERYTHING EXISTS – it is NOT FAKE. Simply compressed with a certain limitation of time (+ BGM) and exactly that is what it makes some people believe it is not real ]

At first I got quite angry with my one korean friend who didn’t tell me everyone there will be actually korean – like, speaking korean [as I’m kinda studying that language I would have prepaired myself a little better – mentally] ⇒ but it turned out quite well and in the end we were having a great laugh together on my subconciously korean-japanese mixed sentences like

  • Uri jib mo” [uri ji = korean for -my house- / mo = jap. for ‘too’ ]
  • Na do tabetai” [ na do = korean for -me too- / tabetai = jap. for ‘wanna eat’]

The best thing of all – I was the youngest 🙂  (comment of a friend: “who cares we are all in our 30s“) 100 points for that one!!

BBQ itself is quite similar to everywhere else ⇒ you try to make raw food edible by holding it over a source of heat — but in case you are curious [and maybe have watched korean dramas of such sort] they actually DO use the scissors to cut food into smaller pieces KakaoTalk_20150913_234841477 honestly thinking it’s not that weird I believe. Simply a point of getting used to things [remember chopsticks? Oh my god ‘those people don’t use cuttlery but sticks!’ – Scandal short before Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball japanolution started]

So here are some pictures again, this time I tried to give you the feeling of fun I had by Polaroidisationize (← sorry XD) ing them

[Odaiba, Funenokagakukan, new Yurikamome Line (directly over the rainbowbridge)]


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