Travel – Earthquakes

no matter what you simply hear about them on TV
– the REAL THING is quite a burner. Especially when you are tight asleep and get woken by nature that is dancing to the *Shake it out* Song for some seconds.

Today we had one (quite a thing with 5.4 scale) close to Tokyo on the opposite site of the sea in Chiba, Kisarazu.
The house was shaking for a while, and though just some seconds passed by it felt like forever. AND another thing [maybe due to being it the first one I ever experienced] I felt ‘helpless‘ for the first time in quite a while.

⇒ I’m not sure how to express it well, but I see the world now with different eyes. Show me an earthquake and I know ‘how it feels‘ –  It’s a big difference to simply ‘watching news

Here is a useful link I found
And I`m gonna be prepared – as (if you can believe the website)
→ ‘419 earthquakes in the past year’ will give me more and more opportunities to practise.


I wasn’t sure what to post so I’m going with this picture. I don’t want to show destroyed houses or streets, we all know what it looks like. What I feel we sometimes forget is WHY it happens. We see the result and try to upgrade our armour that’s not it! We should accept nature as it is and try to find ways to co-habitate – as we all are simply [not to say unfortunately] more developed parasites on planet earth.
⇒ What we recently do, what we let people do – fracking i.e. IS even an unnatural CAUSE FOR earthquakes…I mean…hello?………well….30 years more to go and I’m done. Good luck for everyone else.


2 thoughts on “Travel – Earthquakes

  1. Hi there! This is interesting – I know what you mean! Earthquakes in Japan are an unusual and eye-opening experience. Your blog is really fun! Are you living in Japan right now, or just visiting? What a beautiful blog name. I’ve just started a new blog and posted my first blog post – maybe you can check it out and let me know what you think! It’s called I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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    1. 39! I’m currently living here. But I do live my Blogname as I’m traveling the world not having a real ‘home’. So even I don’t know where I will end up next — Just do It (as long as you can) For those who can’t I created this Blog, to take them virtually around this globe ^ ^ )


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