Travel – Daikanyama

代官山Generation⋅Government⋅Hill   its name already suggesting the ‘level’ you enter when you exit at the station. People do sometimes call it ‘Beverly Hills’ of Japan – as it is indeed one of the luxury, tiny boutique, unique café – areas within the Shibuya District [and you gonna go up and down the tiny hills]

[here is a pun in German! I couln’t believe. Ta(u)sche   ‘Tasche’=’Bag’ and ‘Tausche’=’Trade’ ]

I had not much money on me, but there is that area called Daikanyama T-Site with a huge Tsutaya [Bookstore-Chain] and a nice Cafe ‘Ivy Place[which is part of the ‘cafe company’ chain I am working for atm] so me and a friend went there to have lunch and then hang out at Tsutaya, roaming all the 2 floor-3building area.

⇒ read more about the StarWars Hype currently hovering over Tokyo here

The area itself is a little hip & upperclass, so are the prices (unfortunately) nonetheless it was delicious. I had some Salad with chicken, dill, framboise, sunflower seeds, tomato and an outstanding dressing plus some ice-coffee [YES, summer is BACK!]  for 2000 ¥ →if you have a proper job (which I dun have  hahah) it’s not that expensive I think


And again pics talk more than mores. (lack of sleep is talking, made myself laugh though) words  Go for the sightseeing ⇒

Daikanyama  – Great for a walk with your beloved one, or just hang out with a friend and have some coffe, lateron go window-shopping (mumbling things about ‘that shirt is sooo cute’ in the hope for it to be  [attention guys!] your next b-day present [lesson end]

[T-Site Garden, Daikanyama ]


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