Random – Star Wars Special

[Pre.S. It was forbidden to take pictures.  Feel honoured, one step closer to prision just for you!]

‘I’ll be back’ said the Force while imitating Terminator – and here we go. It IS already back somehow with all the products for sale, wherever you go! [ at least here in Tokyo. ]


Today, alone, in one of the Tsutaya-Bookstores of Daikanyama T-site Garden (read more about it here) I felt like being surrounded by the Force – feel the Force, live it, play with it, hear it (yes, we heard the “da da daaa” music on and on and on while roaming through  – fans may call it Merchandise Heaven [and remember, it was just a simple bookstore, imagine all

  • the convenient stores
  • the 7/11s and FamilyMarts
  • and Supermarkets
  • Department stores

The Force awakens — as bubblegum, soyasauce glas, earphone …everywhere no doubt on that one) but my fav. are still dailylife items like T-Shirts (see here)

And though I’m just a simple “Fan” if I’m allowed to denominate my belittled self with this title — I actually wish I had some more bucks on my account to spend it on one of the really cool items they do offer you.
Enjoy the ride →

And for those who saw the video that is spreading on Facebook. I was lucky to experience the real thing! ❤


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