Health – Running Sushi

[Pre.S.  I was in the lucky position to have been invited to this great place. As my status of being broke seems to have spread even within my sharehouse-mates ❤ ]

Not again, you might say, another Sushi Post  ⇒ BUT  this is actually the first one on ‘running sushi‘. Here we go.KakaoTalk_20150906_235150829
On a sunday, we actually had to wait like…looong time (reminder on this one: to wait in Japan = reputation for the shop, as it shows it is popular, thus delicious) But it was worth the 30min bench-hopping, getting closer and closer to another food-porn episode.


The biggest difference and ‘I really AM in Japan’ -feeling was that you actually could order anything on the menue by writing it down on a note handing it over to one of the sushi making guys in the middle.  PLUS we used that greentea powder to make our drink which was free of charge of course! [ note: in Japan running sushi price is set up by the colour of plates you can actually see on the 2. picture – those colourful round things on the wall]

I guess pictures talk more than words. So here you go. And if you might think it looks expensive, it actually wasn’t.

  • Sushi au masse + Crab-Miso-Soup for each one + dessert (those delicous vanilla pudding thingys) + one of the most expensive plates which alone is 600 ¥

we (3 people) paid about 8000 yen (30 bucks for each, not that much regarding the quality of fish you actually got!)

For the location I should mention it was typically japanese ‘loud’ as it seems every guy in the middle was in charge of some sort of sushi and if the wrong guy got the order it was transfered to the very person with that typical one-tone-robotic-voice-shouting-thing.
Nonetheless I do recommend this place (as it is within the most famous tourist location anyway – go check it out if you have time)

Toriton Kaiten Sushi [ Oshiage Skytree, Solamachi ]


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