Random – Broke in Tokyo

there is one thing you can do. Watch dramas and drink some booze you bought with your last cents.


Yes, this is true. I’m sitting in Japan, waiting for my salary [of 12h/day shifts] to be transfered to my account (not earlier than 15.) having 230 yen in my pocket / 500 yen on my account  — and with my (now empty) suica card I bought some icecream (to at least die with a happy face) and mistakenly booze⇓

  • Reminder to myself “Zero” means 0 kcal and not 0 % alc.

⇒ Broke in Tokyo. Thinking about new ways to sponsor this Script of Life. ¹


¹ if you have a ❤ and some bucks left, how about a 50cent donation  (my paypalname is  uminotori / julia.fee.riepl@gmail.com 🙂  for reading such awesome storys? Not even mentioning the huge good deed you do [we all know, santa clause – the father of NSA – he sees everything you do ]


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