Travel – Yokohama (Nightsky)

(Pre.S.  You agree right? It should be called -living the drama- not -living the dream- )
So there is this Korean friend of mine, who is living already many years in Japan. I love to hang out with him — and I happened to have a job interview far away (1.5h from Tokyo) where Yokohama is located in the middle.
We took the chance to do hang out together in Enoshima [see this post]  and lateron – my childhood wish ever since –  I wanted to see the night version of Yokohamas Bayside Area (Minato Mirai)

One word: Amazing !!! If you are in Tokyo – there is a direct train to Yokohama for less than 800yen. Just go for it. It’s worth the 1h trip.

I couldnt stop taking pictures and videos. But as we all know, “night” is something that cannot be captured nor can be feelings.
We had a great laugh, though,  I was brabbling about that the kanransha turned into a sempuki (ventilator) when he said “Oh look the german flag, over there…not”  and I respond “hahah yeah the night sky makes it look black where actually there is nothing

[I do admit it was more funny live than reading it now, but anyway]

Walking along the bayside at night, where they actually have benches to sit down, and speakers that place music. It did feel once more like those ‘happy holding hands‘ moments of a typical..guess what…Drama 🙂


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