Travel – Kawachi Ondo (Bonodori)

It’s SUMMER, and it seems people know how to celebrate no matter on which continent they live. The so-called ‘Bonodori‘ (Bon Dance) is widespread and well known already. Every region and city has its own style, connected to tales and customs..history ⇔ Go read more about it, it’s quite interesting!

  • Another very interesting point for me, being german, is that it is actually the festival of the dead! (Compared to germany, where all shops close and we treat the dead as actually ‘dead’ — Japan does celebrate and worship the ‘dead’ as their soul is considred to still be alive [which I also do believe in]

What I didn’t know is, how addicting the sub-version called ‘Kawachi Ondo‘ (河内音頭 ) can be !!

I was lucky enough to (again drama-like) happen to live 20min from the most famous Kawachi Ondo festivals in Kinshichou. So I called up some friends and we went to have fun stuffing our empty stomache with delicious festival food¹  dancing our feets wound and I did once more realize why local people call it ‘japanese rave‘ ⇒ Inmidst the crowd a guy was fainting and (drama here we go again) 911 rushed in while locals performed reanimation on the still quite young-looking guy. [It does feel different than seeing such scenes in a drama. It makes your heart stop actually, all I was hoping – even I didn’t know him – that he won’t die. And he is still alive, fortunately.]

¹ Yakitori, Takoyaki, Cotton Candy, Butter Potatoe &  the famous Choco Banana — hell more see here


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