Random – Skytree Oshiage

Though I do live close to the Skytree – I’ve never actually been ‘inside’ nor did I go up [waiting for another drama-like experience]

  • It is loud and they gonna scream their soul out for making you by their products (and not the one of the shop that is 20cm right next to them)
  • It is overpriced (tourists phenomenon)
  • It is a nice one time experience, but I stick to my skytree looking at “him” from far away from our terrace ⇒


Nontheless it is fun to see all the curious new products and my main reason to go there was actually to get some Crepe. I was craving one but as I arrived at the store — the fundamental problems started. Not the price (which was quite acceptable) BUT the variation!!

It took me about half an hour to decide!!!  10min to read all, 5min to read again in detail as I forgot most of it, 10min to decide on what kind I want (fruity or chocolate based) and then another 5min to decide WHICH ONE!?  I love strawberry so I ended up with the cheesecake-strawberry-vanilla ice-whipped cream-rainbow topping version ⇓

KakaoTalk_20150828_005323661 KakaoTalk_20150828_005317279

(maybe the reason why I couldn’t enjoy it as much as others did, was the fact that I went around alone. Couples in Japan are EVERYWHERE — Dramas don’t exeggarate)


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