Random – Shimokita

If you have read my Unagi (Eel) Blog-Entry — it is the very same friend who also showed me one of his `hoods` called “Shimokita”. I actually heard the name for the first time, but it seems to be quite famous area for young hipsters. It was a leasurely walk and we bought those funny -shimokita– shirts for our couple friends back in Germany (birthday gift)


  • One interesting thing though: – Haruo Suekichi THE steamwatch punkmak…sorry… steampunk watchmaker of Japan actually had some displays out on that very cap/shirt shop we went to in Shimokita
  • Another one: there is actually a L’Occitane CAFE chain in Japan. I had an ice tea with milk and namacream (whipped) de~L’iccios I would say ❤ [but overpriced, as everything in tourist areas]
  • Oh and –if you are bored, go to LOFT and kill some time – one word: book section ❤ [I love to roam huge neverending department stores]


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