Random – Kamata Nights Out

I’m sure you all realized I disappeared into nothingness for some weeks — due to my working schedule I literally did  sleep-work-take shower-sleep-work-take shower  for some weeks (thanks to 12h shifts + 2h train) ⇒ one reason why I quit [another story]

Kamata – a region/city that is not on your Top 10 list of must-go-see areas BUT as coincidence and drama-style life is going on no matter what, my co-worker from our japanese restaurant in Munich (I came and went and know them already 8..9 years); he visited japan (me) and it is his hometown. So here we go ~

KakaoTalk_20150822_223725823 KakaoTalk_20150822_223649040
Anyway, we had a great hangout in Kamata – it’s less tourist poisened and has great stuff to eat. (I do feel people gain weight only by reading my blog – but that’s Japan. FOOD in any kind of variation and style  YOU CAN’T RESIST. Never )

→ To give you a better excuse for reading my blog declaring it ‘non wasted time’ here some education:

  • Shishamo (Stint) – I googled ‘Japanese Fish with Eggs inside‘ which is the best description you can get anyway ⇒  Just try it, it’s less disgusting than it seems
  • Hoppy (Fake beer)  there is a black and white version, it has nearly no taste itself, but is served with a glass half full of shouchu.  It’s kinda Retro-Revival mix drink and when you are out of Hoppy for your Shochu simply order another ‘soto‘ (outside) for your ‘naka‘ (inside = shochu/glass)

What’s left to say is “gochisousama deshita” — thank you for the treat!!
[ Kimura House
きむら屋 蒲田東口]


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