Random – Japanese Cinema

So I had that great hangout-time with my korean friend. We went up to Roppongi to see a movie, grab some delicous food and take a night walk back to the station.
Today I’m tired with updating the lost 3 weeks on my blog so this entry will be more fact-based.

Toho Cinema (Roppongi Hills): Again, super lucky — we watched the movie in one of the new XL-Screens & Dolby Atmo sound cinemas.

KakaoTalk_20150905_232947705It’s hard to explain – people don’t get it when I say “the middle row of XL is actually the whole size of a normal cinema” but I found this cute animation. ⇒ now you got me, right?

And DolbyAtmoHello~~ Mama~~ if this is the future, please make it come faster [the technology itself exists quite long. Some years already. Hopefully it will be more widespread soon]


Another so useful thing that makes me think “why don’t we have such stuff in germany” was that popcorn/drink holder that can be fixed on those one-cup-drinkholders at the chair. All the “oops I thought YOU have the popcorn” pants-grabbing  and  the “can you hold my drink a second I have to go up” problems    GONE ..WOOSH…with one simple plastic holder.

The delicious UDON Shop we found roaming around R.Hills (Azabujuban) was a jem. (I guess you already all know I love food!!) ❤

[  Udon  山半 本店 Yamahan ]


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