Random – Eel in Japan

We all remember the famous Una~gi Phrase of that one Friends Episode (which still is one of my top 3 Scenes ever!!)

Sushi can be a luxury, doesn’t have to be.  Unagi IS a luxury and can be ‘grilled gold’ in future (as honey is considered to be liquid gold already somehow)

If you ever wondered

  • WHY the hell is eel that DAMN EXPENSIVE?

here is a very intersting insight on the maybe’s

As (I know I repeat myself) life IS a Drama — I was lucky enough to welcome another japanese co-worker from Germany, who happened to win some bucks at Pachinko [I’m still working on a special report on those facilitys] ↔  free eel-meal (Unagi’ju’ Grilled Eel on Rice)  PLUS the 500 yen off-Wednesday. Here we go  5800 ¥ + tax [about 50 bucks]


KakaoTalk_20150828_005441136 KakaoTalk_20150828_005434061

[ 鰻 渋谷 松川 本店  (Unagi Matsukawa ) ]


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