Random – Golden Gai

So there they are, those “lets meet and hang outdomestic friends days. One step closer to not feel like a foreigner/tourist anymore. I had the chance to hang out with my four (2 couples) japanese friends. We went to:
Shinjuku ゴールデン街  (Golden Gai) a narrow alley squared with more tinier passageways, which are stuck with about 200 bars next to each other.

⇒ it was an area know for prostitution, and survived yakuza attacks (burning down tokyo for new land) thanks to the strickt guarding by “fans” of former mentioned établissements

But first of all we prep. our stomache and ate at a quite famous (not only within korean folks) chain called  –Yama Chan– (the KFC of Japan)

The bar – 1 Coin Bar Champion – we went to was tiny (of course) and stuffed with people of various nations. As last trains run around midnight (no matter how great you feel the clock is ticking your chuuden countdown) when starting at 6pm – the peak is reached around 10pm.


100yen Karaoke songs one after one and the buy 4 get 5 drinking option at its best.[I made 2 videos, one of a guy who looks like 20 but had a voice like 40. And one of my friend who sings some kind of ballad. — and I still do believe there is a certain motive behind the fact that all japanese people can sing somehow [!!!]

Lateron we even were inmidst a movie shooting, and while peaking with curious eyes around the corner, I found this cute announcement on one of the bars doors  → at least one person loves me *feeling happy* 🙂




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