Health – Tonsillitis in Tokyo

What sounds like a freaky title for an even more freaky pornmovie is actually harsh reality: – I am aware of the fact that it is a cronic illness, i.e. you get it once every year
what I was not aware of is how lost you can feel in a foreign country, being knocked out by 40.2°C

Short story long: I was working and feeling unwell all day, within 6h temperature rose to 38.3°C but working in Japan (moreover as a newbe) I thought I should hang in there. But my boss found out about the 40.2°C at 9pm and sent me straight back home.
⇒ I lied down and didn’t go up for nearly 2 days. Not being able to drink (nor go to toilet) all I did was sweating as hell  → I lost 3.2kg (permanent loss even after recovering is 1.9 kg *happy*)

That moment was quite a slap in the face and made me realize I am alone in a foreign country. Friends messages asking how I feel were comforting somehow, but not being able to move 2 days let you wish for that one person that actually does really worry about you (maybe bringing you some water, cooling down your body or just sit beside you watching over you while you’re delirious)

Anyway – I’m back again, 1.9kg lighter, and save for at least the next 12 months    tbc.


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