Random – Tourist Day 2

and despite all my doubts it was really one hell of a hot and great day!! [ which made the cicadas cry even louder than those cars – and I do love this sound <3]



My new korean friend  now husband 🙂 invited me to ride one of those rickshaw things, that transform you into a geisha. (and after 10min you even forget all those staring eyes piercing you from every direction)

I felt sorry for those guys who actually do such a job. It was really unbearably hot that day and wind scarse [but if you search for tall, tanned, sporty hotties you are at the right place]
Asakusa is full of tourists – which makes it a place where I usually go at night or never (or on a rainy day)  so our “driver” (puller?) was releaved we (german + korean) speak enough japanese to make him not additionally do brainwork too.
It was the short 30min trip, we took pictures, and though you think you know a lot about Japan he could give you some insider information which made the trip even more interesting.

As for the rest of the day we went to a creapy place having less creapy (not to say delicious) food – and lateron had the “let’s cool down in a cafe” breaks  — and I’m still surprised how real the fake food looks. And how the real thing you get actually looks totally alike!! (in germany and other countries, not placing displays or pictures of the food have a certain reason)

What I’m still not used to see is what they call “float” – a simple cafe-float where you put vanilla icecream on top of cold coffee, does make sense somehow (and is actually called “Eiskaffe” in germany ← another thing you should know when you visit this country, as ‘ice-coffee’ here is the icecube+cold coffee version) But one of those ‘soda floats‘ where they put the same vanilla icecream on top of a light-green melon soda (where the chemicals already burn my eyes only by looking at it) can only be topped by a coke-float.

A funny story here, as Im a waitress in a restaurant having no idea about those float things (well, I did know the cafe version) made me react a bit rude and funny at the same time when a guest was ordering a “coke float” — as a guest you expect a ‘yes, thank you‘ answer and not my ‘EH?‘ (a surprised reaction in japanese similar to ‘WTF’ or ‘HA?’

I will definitely stick to my ‘parfaits‘ and ‘kakigori‘ (crushed icecubes with sirup) this summer.

[Cafe Crown  – Asakusa]


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