Travel – Hanabi Taikai 38#

So finally I made it. Another wish came true, and even more perfect than ever expected in any of my dreams (and I dream a lot!)
#38 Sumida River Fireworks Festival [ Sumidagawa-Hanabi Taikai]

We were invited to a friends building which was right in front of one of the 2 “bases” – and on the roof we had the best view ever. It was like those VIP moments in life where you think ‘let me die now and I will still be smiling‘ 🙂

And coincidence seems to be never ending; that certain friend actually also stayed in Berlin 1 year (working holiday) and tries to find german ‘Tandem Partner’ (language exchange) —– we live a 15min walk apart ! (I say it once again in Tokyo there do live 10mio people)

So here some videos and pictures of this great 3h-moment on 25. July 2015 (more info here)

Should I mention that that building is right beside my new friend
– Skytree – ?  *happyness overdose* 


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