Random – Cliche Japan

a random collection of things that are so typical “Japan”

  • workers (of any kind) show up in ‘pairs’  – it is amazing, and I wonder if it is because of the amount of people residing in this city? [at least your workday is less boring if you have someone to chat with]
  • clean! tokyo is clean – even the ‘dirty’ areas look like dirty-clean..I don’t have a word for it, but seeing it makes me feel less disgusted or annoyed than when I walk around in other cities like Germany or Argentina   HORRAY FOR NO GARBAGE CANS ⇒ I could get used to the ‘ let’s bring waste back home ‘ mentality
  • kawaii ~ chemicals / I’m form germany and though we are a country which has high expectations on environmental/consumer protection as well as food saftey, we do have a lack of being ‘cute’ — less serious. Though I might consume more chemicals and artificial products here in Japan; in return I do get kawaii goods. Cute stuff and the best ‘smells like strawberry’ shampoo ever

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