Random – 12h ,12 years

So I am working in Japan….I mean really working. My schedule makes me realize I AM in japan, finally. [welcome 12h shifts] Most friends don’t understand, but I had a busier schedule in germany, which makes this one really look like holiday~s 


And I found another of those funny signs, very tempting especially with the nice english translation and red lightbut you will never know what happens. ⇒ this one actually is for flushing the toilet.


And another drama-like happening.  Even people tell you what you are doing is useless or nonsense. DON’T BELIEVE IT!!  NOTHING you do is useless.
In my case, enjoying japanese dramas, I was fan of a series that is called “Orange Days” – it was about a deaf girl and a guy who fell in love with her. It was amazing how they communicated with signs. And I started to study japanese (! ←in other peoples eyes ‘usless’) sign language.

12 years later

  • I am in Japan
  • working in a restaurant
  • where my colleague is actually deaf!!!  I wanna see those peoples faces, when my ‘uselessness‘ makes me able to communicate with him and thus have a new friend!

I’m more than motivated to go on and  someday being able to “speak” fluent sign language like my boss does! (what I found out lateron) ❤



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