Travel – Kisarazu & Beach

I made it:  UMI !! ( sea )  — Finally my nickname (uminotori – seabird) came true and I was [not actually flying like a bird] but ⇒

  surfing on the waves

I was invited to go to the hometown of my roommate. And it was like heaven.
A warm welcome, a cuty-boy (4 y/o) who says ‘I love you [as a response to his mom requesting him to say something in english to me] sleeping over on Futon with my 2 girl-mates (and even one night being able to bring cuty-boy to sleep)
We bought Hanabi, made delicious BBQ, played in a park nearby ‘waterbaloon fight‘, hang out at home and I even got a request for the honey my family makes Bring me more, here is cash I wanna spread this delicious honey in all Japan!”

I guess words are not enough to express what wonderful experience these two days have been for me. So I let pictures and videos talk.  With the younger brother (Hiro-kun) I even made up our new “Umi”-song which goes with the beat of Ketsumeishi’s “Summer Summer Love” ↵

umi umi” — “itsudemo” (anytime) — “umi umi” — “ima kara” (from now on) — “umi umi” — “doko made” (to where) — “umi umi” — “aozora”(blue sky) — “umi umi” — “kuruma de” (in the car) — “umi umi” — “tanoshimi” (having fun) — “umi umi” — “hiro-kun to” (with Hiro too) —- tbc.


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