Random – Gasstation, Icecream & Bus

A quick update on 3 curious things I realized in 1 day.

      1. Icecream-Flavour  Edamame and Flower
      2. Gasstation with touchpanel and lotterygame
      3. Bus, a good place to kuddle in the winter

So you sit in the car and your friends say “here you go” – handing you over some delicious icecream. [up to here nothing special] ⇔ But you are in Japan – where everything is all but normal;  you get  EDAMAME and FLOWER flavour ⇒ delicious btw 🙂KakaoTalk_20150720_215328934

The car stops, the driver gets out, to fill in fuel [up to here nothing special] ⇔ but there it is, the touch panel asking you how much you wanna pay, which you do (with your credit card) then touchpanel-ize yourself through options and tadaa → fuel.   BUT in the end, this cute 3-in-a-row Lottery game that shows up and tadaaa~ you won a voucher for some (whatever it may be)

And here a cute little picture of a busride in Tokyo. Wanna get closer to your fav. guy? Ride bus with him 🙂 ❤   KakaoTalk_20150720_220955530

and busses talk to. EVERYTHING talks in this city. You will never feel alone, more like you found a new friend that explains you everything, whever you may go hahah


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