Life is a drama (without BGM)

Sometimes I wonder what exactly fate or destiny is about. I am here 10 days [ I repeat: TEN] it is amazing how comfortable I feel, surrounded by all those nice ‘ people I have never met before in my life‘ (I dare to call them friends already)
So there is my co-workers wife (in germany) →  who has a friend in Japan → whos daughter kind of gave me shelter in this sharehouse.
There are roommates, friends of roommates, friends of friends, the sharehouse owner, the other sharehouses, which again have rommmates and friends of friends ⇔ a neverending chain.

I’m not sure if I’m so ‘likeable’ but people seem to get along with me very well, same do I. (sometimes it’s a big disadvantage as I carry my heart on my hands ⇒ it got crushed a lot) Anyway there are also coincidences which I do still feel like I’m stuck on the wrong drama:
“” So my Thai roommate and her 2 friends and I were walking along the street, where I suddenly remembered  ( I really don’t know why! it was like someone ‘wrote’ it into my script that I should remember it exactly that second!) that I want to ask everyone if they know any Korean people here in Tokyo.
The friend of my friend I met for the first time that day, PLUS she was here only for a short trip, actually knew someone and gave each others contacts.
I talked to him for only 2 days and we decided to meet up someday to practise korean — but it feels like he is the ‘perfect friend‘. We share the same hobbies, he speaks fluent japanese, like/hate the same things, have similar opinions on certain topics, and he even took some german classes when he was in highschool. ⇒  Japan is a little scary, as everything works out just great/according to my dreams.    Life is drama (without BGM) “””

loooove[yesterday night we k-talked about 5hours! It makes me feel I’m back to highschool  (we are 34 and 31) 🙂


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