WOD – Japan Dajyare

ダジャレ (Dajyare) is a ‘Gag‘ — and the japanese language is full of possibilities (one of the reasons why I love this language so much)

Sometimes living with/being a foreigner creates the best ダジャレ ever, in history: My Taiwan friend for example, has some problems to pronounce -g- and -k- and intonate -n- or -nn-

  • ‘onaka ippai’ (I’m full)  ‘onna ga ippai’ (I have a lot of girls) ← sounds very guy-ish and so funny)
  • Discussing about “Thai-Chi” in the end, made the Taiwan friend and my japanese friend (who’s name is “Koji(ma)”)  stand beside each other doing weird postures and we labeled them as “Thai-chi” and “Ko-chi”
  • Heisei[japanese emperor/aera] ⇒ ‘everybody goes, heiseiii hei hoo~~’ *waving arms from left to right*   ⇒ Getting one of those ‘basketball player shirts with #’  “Heisei 59”
  • Ogikubo station was accidently re-named as Gokiburi (cockroach) – by: myself (of course)
  • ‘Ne~ne~ Gyouza shitteru?’  ‘uun? Gyouza-Dare!?”  (for those who understand japanese)
  • We found out that my roommates name “Kouji(ma) Marina” could be a nice version of the korean “거짓말이나” (you gotta be kidding)
  • “Nan no aji ?”  “nashi desu” (Nashi = nothing (no taste) and “pear” )
  • “Shira aru?”  “shira nai~” (shira = wine name — “shira nai” = i don’t know vs. there is no shira)
  • “What do you call our meeting when we take both our glasses off” ??? (Blind Date)
  • 2 Watermelons (suika) are having a chat in winter  “Samuika?”
  • tbc….10970365_10205412866859411_672309751_o

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