Random – Lazy Day/New Job

…the first day since I arrived, where I actually did nothing much. Taifun was gushing down and after opening up a bank account failing at the bank (to open an account I somehow DO need a Hanko (name-stamp)  I stayed at home watching dramas, cooking and chatting with my (hopefully) new friend ♥ from Korea, who is living here since 5 years.

I also had one of those big success-moments in stumbling over some coconut water !! totally cheep (some 280yen/litre)  And my cooking skills have been praised once more [though I would lable it more like ‘mixing together things I find in our fridge’]

PLUS! I got a job-interview @ A791 !! in Roppongi [ it’s the largest and most high class restaurant of ‘cafe company’ chain. It has a bar on the 1. floor and a restaurant on the 2nd]


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