Random – Fin & Interview

Sea-life spezial:  I met a friend from germany [the world is small *sing*]. We went to a typical “Izakaya” style ‘restaurant’. Which is based on everything that lives in the sea (shell, fish, seaweed etc.)
Taste is so amazing, unbelievable – and somehow hard to describe. Especially my new fav. food “Fish-Fin” – they are dried and grilled. Need a good chewing before you swallow.

And I passed my first job-interview. It was quite non-japanese easy going [due to the fact that I was sitting in front of a foreigner] – I still hope they heir me. It would be some kind of ‘start from 0 but maybe get a visa and become a permanent member in future’ offer. So I really really reeeally hope I get that chance.
It is related to cafe work and as the company acts worldwide it has many opportunity, variation ~ rotation. Exactly what I need!!♥

Again a short post – because, to be honest. I’m still drunk from Izakaya (I had 4 of those glasses full of sake!)


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