Travel – Japan Terrace

so I decided to move. Or maybe I should say ‘re-locate’ – as the people in both sharehouses are kind of connected. Not only because it is a 2min walk across the street, but because the owner is the same person as well. It is smaller, but rent is lower too PLUS I have a super lovely new roomate, a 21 y/o student [she is a singer, studying english and engaged in NPO work – acutally while talking to her I felt like she is my mirror. We like and hate the same things, as well as she does what I would do if I’ve gotten the chance]
I’m still surprised how I exactly meet those people I always have wished to be able to get in touch with.

  • I move from ‘Kamin‘ to ‘Engawa[roughly translated as “veranda”], it is shared with 5 guys and 2 girls, all japanese (plus me), 3 floors in a lovely ‘I’m stuck between houses and never will find home‘ neighbourhood, which has the best greatest view to skytree ever!

KakaoTalk_20150714_220227162  KakaoTalk_20150714_220227508KakaoTalk_20150714_220233077

We went to a cafe (PokaPoka) nearby, who’s owner is also an ‘artist’ – delicious food, home-made interior, going to fairs, festivals, bazars.  Sumida-Ku is really one of those ‘old school, new hipster’ blocks.  *so my style so my style~* sing ♥

[this entry is short cuz I’m dead. And the best (sarcasm!) thing is I feel bad about doing nothing. This is my first real holiday since…who knows when. And I still have enough money on my account. But since the “input” has stopped, it’s some kind of akward feeling]


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