Random – Karaoke Children

Another day passed, and I nearly pass out – because of all those adventures everyday.[it is amazing what you can do within 1 week, or even 24h only]
Today’s menue is: A wonderful trip to more the kind of “rural” Tokyo, take care of 2 children and show off your karaoke skills [which are non-existent. In my case]

My friend is a beautiful single mother (nurse) [I maybe write about that ‘social’ topic a little bit lateron in detail] who works in shifts. While she has 2 lovely daughters! Though it was the first time we met, we totaly got along with each other. We did homework together, bought some stuff at supermarket and went to sing Karaoke. ⇒ Japanese people know how to releave stress. Who cares you can’t sing. Your inside a box. With delicious food and all you can drink-drinks.

My travel to her city was actually a big adventure. I had to change train 3 times. But  I reached the point where I rely on my mind-googlemap. And it works! *woot woot* [sidenote: though I pay 12 € for the trip and it took me 1h30min oneway. I am still in Tokyo!]


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