Travel – Japan 4# Timetravel

And today I present Timetravel to  EDO – MUSEUM and SUSHI
(in Japan they usually don’t eat sushi everyday as most people might think)
and everything by BIKE [ totally recommened]

I realized it is a global-thing to not do tourism stuff unless you have foreign friends over and want to show them something (it was everybody’s “first” – 2 japanese included)

Edo is my fav. area of Japan. Like a living thing, with not only a heartbeat but also a black shadowed soul. [Go and check out Wikipedia.] I know it sounds “dahh~” but actually you will be soaked up by all the ‘read further’ links and sidenotes and in the end the sound of the heartbeat is calling you, deeper and deeper into a countrie’s history.

infografie[the trip today made me remember this Infography; a university project in Argentina I made]


At home the time-travel went on, as we decided to (being totaly below 0 energy through the 31° heat-biking)  order Sushi and have some chillig sunday night.
[What still amazes me most: the PICTURE looks like the REAL FOOD and vice versa]

Today was one of those 5h time travels that will be stuck in my memory forever.
Thank you guys for making my stay so wounderful. I cant believe I’m here for 5 days only!


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