Random – Natto Special

Today’s SpecialNatto [ Wiki ]

Though most people do have a rough idea about what it is. I think a video is rather than explaining the whole thing on 3 pages.
Basically it is fermented soybeans. You mix it with fish-oil and some mustard, and if you like put a raw egg on it. I would compare it to:
you either hate it or love it ↵ Lakritze (Liquorice)  — there is no ‘in between’
⇒ [the crow sound and birds, everything is -real- ! i simply took a video in our kitchen]

Here a secret recipe, I came up with today ‘Natto meets Germany’:


  • Plane green salad as base
  • Soybeans (raw)
  • Some germany sausage called “Bierkugel
  • Some drops Austersauce, Soysauce and Oliveoil [but really just some drops]
  • Parmesan Cheese (not too much)
  • Tofu (white, soft one)
  • Topping: Natto  (no egg)

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