Random – Just do it! Special

Another mini-feature, this time on:  Friends, Bikes and Share-House

Getting a bike to be able to drive around in Tokyo was the best idea every given to human beings. As I live in one of the most “hippster” new upcoming old-houses/factory areas, east of the palace (Sumida-ku) we are so close to the river on both sides.


The streets are not rushy, people are easy going, everything is close-by and I have the feeling THIS IS IT.

Maybe I should explain in detail where I exactly live:
For the past 3 years it is more and more popular to have so called “share houses” in Tokyo. So there is this (smiling bright as the sun) guy who rents and manages certain ‘houses’ where there are some 2 or 3 japanese each – the rest of the people are travellers around the globe who stay long or short term in Japan.
In my case we are 2 japanese (no students) plus 1 thai girl  and me, plus people who come and go. The door is mostly not locked, friends of friends stay for 1 week, another friend crashes a night on the couch because of having some job intervies in the city – and so on.

For those who read the book “Parade” [ Yoshida Shuichi ] — it is exactly like that. A multicultural bunch of people who’s only common thing is their thinking “Just do it!”   

We say Hi! and Bye! and cook together. We don’t ask the ‘Why are you here?‘ we ask ‘What is your name (nationality)?’ and ‘You wanna join for dinner?‘  Everybody has his/her own life and we simply share the house. ⇒ Share House.  There are no big rules or laws or cleaning lists. [ Just do it – principle counts, and works out just fine ] Though the system of separating garbage in Japan is, well….enough for another post itself.

  • Japan is changing, I’m glad I came back at the right moment. Just Do It !

Let me introduce you: Share House “Kamin” – basically the word that house stands for

  • we do own a chimney (german for chimney)
  • everybody is welcome (english for “come in”)
  • you can crush here anytime (japanese for “(take a)nap”)

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