Random – Stereotype Japan

So today we went to a T-shirt Fair [where I still don’t understand some of the designs – e.g. sanitary woman things on blue shirts], which was located within the Science Museum  next to the Budokan within the Imperial Palace Area.

It was a typical stereotype Japan” – Day.

  • Blue sky, 80% humidity, criquets and 31°C
  • The “geek/otaku” which only comes outside to go to see Idols
    [he got a heart-attack, when actually seeing me. Having been jumped out of a Manga (big boob-ed, blond, 180, hot-pants Girl with Ponytail)]
  • The “date” thing [though it was just a friend I hung out with] where you go for drinking ice-coffee at a airconditioned huge department store and then walk again and make him do anything you want
  • Gamecenter (they are so damn high-tech now! It was DDR 12 years ago )
  • Action Figures [Godzilla ♥] Japan is full of it and I still wonder who can afford these
  • The locations “Imperial Palace” & “Akihabara” we went next (very typical stereotypeish)
  • Maid-Café (I took the chance and even forced him to go there with me – it really was full of pyun-pyun ♥ and ~kyuuun ♥ at an overpriced place with mostly foreigners and geek-regulars)

    Lateron the steretype continued with one of the “we cook and drink together” home’parties’ where I was able to meet many new faces and super-kind people. PLUS the food one of them made was delicous as nothing I have eaten before! (italy style)


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