Random – Japanese Food

So there it is. Stereotype “japanese supermarket” — and it is true. I’m not going to brabble a lot about prices, as they are high. I won’t say anything about the style, as it is a loud country in general. What I try to do is convince you that you actually GET something for money. [compared to germany – country of “anti-service”]

Best Example: (fruit) displays. It’s all about the eye, you would think. And Japan actually knows how to make you buy things. Whereas Germany is …I’m not sure what they are trying to say.


Beggars buy: anything that is “native”  soy-products, natto, fish, local vegetables, prep food etc. Money monkeys buy:  anything related to “cows” milk, cheese, yogurth, meat – also fruits, sweets etc.

P.s. People forget that in Japan there is food at every corner. You even don’t have to cook, get plenty of choice and the price is about an average 700yen per meal [i.e. according to Cocker — an average of 300 € for food/month]


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