Random – Falling in love with

Today: Meguro-ku (West-Tokyo)

I don’t know how I should describe that feeling, when you go to a random new place and instantly fall in love with everything. The smell, the people, the sounds. That cute little bridge, the restaurants and bars. It made me even want to talk to somebody [so I went asking a police guy for direction]

I’m referring to THIS feeling

Meguro has a certain flair, captivating. I went there at night to pick up a box from a friends and since that short 30min stay I know: someday I wanna live there for a while!! [people might think “so what, just do it” —  Err, DAHH~ it is one of the most expensive areas to live]
You don’t believe it?  Here we go → MFPR Tower  – Welcome to the “korean, rich people drama” feeling. Remember one important rule for Japan (Tokyo)

the higher, the more expensive it is

(that tower has about 30 floors, and 3. floor is already about 1600€/straight- per month!)


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