Travel – Japan

edit: I just wrote about 2h on my entry and pushed the wrong button on my keyboard. *woosh* GONE   —-Note to myself: SAVE button is your friend.


[this is spaaaartaaaa – feeling ]

3 days passed since my arrival to Japan. There are so many new impressions, though I have been to this country and know the culture quite well…. you never stop learning.


My flight to Japan was quite annoying. 10m, nearby the gate (me being hungry as hell – and the burger  tempting 20cm in front of me) waiting to place my order, they evacuated the hall because of a damn “owner-less” bag in front of the toilet on opposite side. →
Bombsquad, Police, annoyed passengers & crew, 40min pass — boarding comes closer and closer — “..and all that’s left is [HUNGER]!”
Flight itself was normal, but I had a nightmare (thanks to the bomb-adventure) where we all were slowly crashing with our plane. And I was convinced I will never ever enter a plane forever the next 4 weeks [korea is waiting *woot woot*]

JPN 7.7.15 Tokyo  — exactly 12 years ago I set foot to this country for the first time ever.
I enjoy the feeling of being king the most. Friendlyness is pouring out of every corner in this city/country and is somewhat the total opposite to my homecountry (germany the country which invented “anti-service“)¹

Though I am able to communicate in japanese quite well, I struggle and learn a lot:

      • Taxi drivers actually discuss every turn they make to confirm your accordance with the situation [though I thought I take a taxi because I DON’T know the way]  being the total opposite to the so called “manner mode“² city [ and a new thing here, those little “sit tight together” signs which you see nowadays in trains (never drool on shoulder again and warm your body next to each other *yeay*)
      • The density of construction site workers within 1m² seems to be the same as one of 100m² in germany. While walking home the job of one of them was to make them (about 8 other workers) aware of my presence. In the end 9 workers were watching closely while seeing that blond girl pass, and then kept working on a spot that was less than 5m². ⇒  Sidenote: Tokyo is CLEAN and broken things are surrounded by former mentioned workers. [halleluja]
      • Mangas don’t lie. On my first night I was able to see one of
        → those drunken salary man desperately trying to get this whiggly-jiggle-di-bike and his own body home. [leaving only 2 options:  ride&fall or stagger&brace]
        → those hot-stylisch-young-perfect-hairstyle-host-working-in-a-bar Guys and I do admit – drowning in your own drool IS POSSIBLE!
      • Food-Pictures. Everywhere. I repeat: Every.Where!
        Walk 10min and you are hungry as hell by only watching the plastic displays and pictures of food that is desperately waiting to be consumed. Leave such a place and I give you another 5min – you will be hungry again. It’s a vicious circle – heaven turns to hell, leaving you fat and poor. [salvation is right around the corner – “kombini” which serve you hazard triangles² for nearly no money]
      • Koban Police Guy Paradoxon – make their boring days brighter is a good deed you can do. But be sure to bring enough time. Asking for opinion if way A or B is faster, made one officer call his colleagues and after 30min heated discussion of actually 4 (!) policemen [I still don’t know how they fit into such a tiny place] left 8 eyes staring at me; hoping to be chosen as the best solution (repeating the taxi-phenomenon where I am asked for confirmation of the solution to my own question!)

My roomates are awesome. My room is awesome. I may have the worst luck with guys, but the best with friends!! [Thanks to “FATE” ³]

Jetlag is killing me (well, 12 years passed – it’s not that I am 19 again)

¹anti-service:  example [calling a taxi at a bus-terminal because of too many luggage]
⇒ “why do you call? There should be plenty of taxis right in front of you!
²manner-mode: no-sound on cellphones (makes everybody silently pushing their buttons)
²hazard-triangle: Onigiri (triangle shaped rice”balls”with fillings (tuna, egg, salmon etc.)
“if you are poor and hungry though, your salvation is 7/11, bro”
Fate: My roommate is the daughter of a friend of a former coworker, which I met through the fact that I quit my other job because of …..[big bang]…the end.
“treat everybody nice and the favour might be given back to you 3-times worth it”


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