Travel – Japan #2

So I’m finally here. With jetlag-face (imagine that awful morning-face mixed with a head that feels like it is made of clouds) i.e. going to bed at 3 or 4 am and waking up at 7.  To get to know an unknown city I do give myself “missions” – being forced to explore all areas.

      1. Going for a walk without a Map – Mission
        (aka: anti”cardinal direction”karma)
        In my mind it was a clear long forward, turn left, long forward again and I should be in the area I intended to explore. Back home I realized I went along the total opposite direction. It was raining as hell (warm though ♥) and in the end I gave up and took the subway to my desired destination.
        5h walk, through a housing district (← those lovely “where the hell am I”-curvy streets which seem to have no end and you mentally prepare yourself to die starving between houses)
      2. Go pick up packages at a friendsMission
        (aka: subway surfer – Mission)
        There is google maps, but honestly I prefer to create my own “mind-map”: escalators – turns, floors, other “signs” which makes it way more easy to navigate through the subway chaos in Tokyo. Actually it is quite foreigner-friendly.[Much more than munich] You will make your way. The only difference is that as a native you move way faster than as a tourist. Subways lines have a colour, plus a Letter. And the maps show you which connection you can make.subway[being honest I went “wrong direction” like 100 times, but this happens to me even in munich. Gonna blame my karma, or DNA for having no sense for directions]

As for the latter mission, one word: Sushi-Restaurant I was quite impressed. As it is located in Shinjuku [quite central, expensive area] it nearly sweapt me off my seat, when the mother told me they own this restaurant already 70 years through 3 generations. I couldn’t deny sushi made by le master (father) himself – and it was delicious hell better than anything I have eaten so far.
(I know I will get scolded uploading this picture, as he made it “fast” and of course it looks way nicer when it is made for real customers. But who cares the looks, the taste won’t change and it was FOOD PORN!!)

(if you have a chance GO! 加賀 [Kaga] Leave Shinjuku 3chome Exit C7 and walk straight)


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