Life is a Drama (without BGM)

Here we go, another day – lazy, chilling weekend.
You start to actually feel (attention! rare case) -bored- !! OMG! and
♫ di di ridi di
  a message 4 you.
Already praising it for having such a good timing you read

  •  “not in friends list”

getting excited all over again of a possible new great cool amazing mate, who is having an even more great cool amazing life you are opening the message and

There it is, that moment where you feel like riding the worlds highest rollercoaster, wind is carrassing your adrenalin-soaked body and you are convinced the next few seconds will change your life


but the rails in front of you collapse while you fall down with all might into a
deep black hole, knowing the next few seconds actually DO change your life:

 to death!

as all you see is a very intelligent “Hi!”  shining beside a profile picture that leaves only 3 questions:

This foot inside a sock of the year 1938 (roughly estimated) covered with countless holes means

  • A) “Im poor and so proud of it”
  • B) “Sorry I cant buy socks myself. Muuuum! 
  • C) “BWAH  Me Tarzan you Woman who same IQ it has? BWAAAAH” 

well, what is left to say….Good Night *sigh*


[one boring day, 2014]


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