Life is a Drama (without BGM)

So you are leaving the cinema at 1am in the morning, and rain poors down as if you were chosen to be the next Noah. Already soaked because of NO umbrella bus is late too and while walking the last 10min

  • alone
  • no cars
  • no people

rain still goshs down as if it is its last chance….suddenly someone is covering your head with an umbrella saying:

“Hey, baby. YOU and ME, we walk that hill down together”

and there it is, that split moment, those 2 seconds in your life where you think your day has finally come.

That moment where this drama-like handsome rich tall heir of a huge company appears in front of you carring not only that umbrella but also the most beautiful smile with shining white teeth that are brighter than full moon…***

as I said, 2 seconds.




wormhole-speed pushes you back to reality….as your eyes full of hope were looking up next to you but only see that umbrella.

Lowering your head to make eye-contact, seeing only a hand, and with all those drama-hopes vanishing you lower your head once more realizing that

a tiny 15-year old drunken teen is standing next to you with a bottle of beer in his hand, trying hard to stand on his toes to be able to cover you well with his umbrella.

Here we go, that heavy moment where all drama-dreams get crushed even faster  — 1 second



while trying to explain to this little drunk kid that you are 30 years old and not interested in any of his business; you walk back home

  • alone
  • no cars
  • soaked

while thunder and lightning wish you a good night.

Once again, I do believe god is that HA-HA guy from simpsons.

[one summer day, 2014]


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