Random – my life with # 911

First of all, I’m not that crazy weirdo that goes for some psycho-religion thing. I’m more the kind of person that has no answer to life, and thinks “why not”. So I do believe in horoscope etc. – simply due to experience.

So there was that day, when I decided to go back to Japan (I was still in Argentina that time) — and the No. 911 started to “haunt me” . Numbers, Dates, Time, Age, Appointments everything.  After 3 years I finally have found maybe the true reason behind all that. My desicion to go back to Japan actually may have been the right one, and the universe was trying to support me somehow.

Angel Number 1911 suggests that your positive attitude, ideas, thoughts and affirmations have created wonderful opportunities for you to take advantage of. Visualize yourself working in a meaningful career making a meaningful positive difference and making a meaningful income[…] The angels encourage you to follow your life path and soul mission with optimism and enthusiasm.”


One thought on “Random – my life with # 911

  1. haha really weird how number 911 appears everywhere . and read about islam religion and quraan and you will find the answer of life and why we live and the answer for everything you want ..!


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